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Bangkok – Night Drone 4k

Bangkok, city thailand 2020 night drone 4k in this video you will see the amazing 4k drone night

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Bangkok 4k / Timelapse - Thailand Drone / Cinematic Drone Footage

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Bangkok City Streets | Khlong Ong Ang, Chinatown, Asiatique

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We’re back on the Bangkok beat with Pat’s latest video.

News, shopping, immigration, markets, history. Bangkok’s most connected suburb has more than you think. Everything you want to know about this area is in this 17-minute video. With lots of historic footage & photos shown in a then & now style also with lots of drone footage of the area and the BTS construction.

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One night before Bangkok started its 10pm to 4am curfew in a bid to curb the spread of Covid-19, the streets around Asoke and Nana were already very quiet. Video by Gary Boyle

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The streets of Bangkok, March 2021

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Walk Through Bangkok's 'Green Lung' Bang Krachao Park

Bang Krachao park is a hidden green paradise next to the polluted concrete jungle Bangkok – with lush trees, clean air, birds singing and water lapping.

The green escape has been called a 'hidden jungle oasis' and a 'green lung' thanks to the thick forest covering the massive site. The park forms a small island in the Chao Phraya River. It spans 1,920 hectares of land made up of communities that are home to more than 13,000 people, farmlands, and forests in the Phra Pradaeng District of Samut Prakan.

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KLONG SAN has it all. The nearly new BTS Gold Line, Iconsiam, the historic Llong 1919, the majestic Memorial Bridge & King Taksin Monuments, scenic rivers, adventures down sois and smelly canals, the hustle and bustle of Wongwian Yai & Tha Din Daeng, a not-so-scary ghost story plus Made by Legacy Flea Market

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Giant lizard trashes Bangkok 7-Eleven

A rampaging giant monitor lizard raided a SUPERMARKET and climbed on shelves in search of food. The 6ft long reptile emerged from a nearby canal and ran into the 7-Eleven store sparking panic in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand. Staff and customers hid behind the counter while the beast climbed onto shelves and tossed several cartons of milk onto the ground.

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Paolo Lee talks about Bangkok street photography and the best viewpoint for sunset snapping.

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Thailand's first vertical 'robot parking' system opened this month to ease traffic in the capital Bangkok.

The machine next to Sam Yan MRT station can hold 16 cars which it lifts to different elevated levels after the driver has pulled onto the metal cage and left the vehicle.

Operators of the Ferris wheel structure claim that the whole parking process can be completed in under 90 seconds.

The cost is 15 Baht (0.48 USD) for two hours if the driver uses the MRT, or 50 Baht (1.60 USD) an hour if the driver does not use the MRT.

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nu er der tid til musik ((6))

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Carnivals spring up every year in Huai Khwang about this time. Some have coyote dancers and live music.

This travelling fair included children’s rides, food stalls and popular carnival games including bingo and mini-shooting ranges for prizes.

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Soi Cowboy back in 2009 looking more like a circus with an elephant being taken up and down in the hope punters will pay to feed it… the good old days, my arse.

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Bangkok er en stor levende by hvor du kan finde alt ((11((

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Thunderstorms and flash floods hit Bangkok on Wednesday afternoon as the country moves towards the monsoon rainy season. The rainy season usually starts around now and lasts until late October.

Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia and Indonesia are approaching their tropical monsoon rainy season. Soaring temperatures reaching 35 degrees Celsius are often followed by powerful tropical storms with thunder, lightning, rain and flash floods.

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Footage shows the deserted scene on Sukhumvit Soi 4 in the centre Bangkok on Friday afternoon. The street would once have been busy with girls and tourists but is now empty, following an order to close all bars earlier this month.

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Thunderstorms brought heavy rain and flash floods in Bangkok on Tuesday as the country’s annual rainy season arrived.

Footage shows vehicles driving through the deluge in the Huai Khwang area in the north of the city at around 2pm.

Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia and Indonesia are approaching their tropical monsoon rainy season.

Soaring temperatures reaching 35 degrees Celsius are often followed by powerful tropical storms with thunder, lightning, rain and flash floods.

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For nogle der har lidt kærlighed til Khao San Road idag eller måske tilbage i tiden.

Denne video:
KHAO SAN ROAD. Taking You Back. The good times, history, music, stories, legends, the streets.

Viser hvordan det ser ud nu i Khao San Road og de nærmest gader ved siden af.

Og et godt genkig med "de gode gamle dage" før corona og for længere tid siden.

Khao San Road fik sidste år helt møbleret rundt på vejbelægningen og var klar til at modtage turister. Det tager tid, så samtidig er det nu også et sted som de unge thaiere besøger og spiser, drikker og høre musik, når det altså ikke er lukket ned som lige nu. Mange steder har formået at omstille sig til thaierens stil og ønsker.

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Thunderstorms brought heavy rain and flash floods in Bangkok today, April 27, as the country’s annual rainy season arrived.

Footage shows vehicles driving through the deluge in the Huai Khwang area in the north of the city at around 2pm local time.

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The once-bustling capital of Thailand seems strangely quiet after the government asks people to avoid non-essential travel in a move to contain the new Covid-19 outbreak.

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This was the Chinatown area of Bangkok today, unusually quiet with just a handful of people moving around and stall owners looking very bored of it all. The area is usually packed at this time of the year with holidaymakers from neighbouring China but Chinatown is now a strangely quiet place.

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Videoen taler for selv((11((

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The Old City aka Rattanakosin Island.Temples, Monuments, Buildings, Canals, Bridges, Streets.

There’s a lot to see and learn, it can be overwhelming so Bangkok Pat did it all for you, and explained it all too.

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Baby stingrays can be ordered from street food carts in Bangkok. The dried seafood snacks are placed between barbecue grills to keep them flat while they are cooked over hot coals alongside traffic.

After grilling the baby stingrays, the vendor cuts them into smaller bite-sized pieces using scissors. Customers then enjoy the sweet and salty roadside snack by dipping it into a spicy hot vinegar sauce with herbs and chilis.

Baby stingrays are not the most popular snack in Thailand but they can be found in certain places in Bangkok!

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Haircut, Sir? Meet The Sexy Sukhumvit Hairdressers

A hairdresser’s salon in Bangkok is attracting male customers thanks to its policy of hiring attractive female staff.

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Bangkok is quiet at night, with many places closed until the end of this month as health authorities battle the third Covid-19 outbreak.

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Foreigners feeding thousands in the Bangkok slums during Covid

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These are the five tallest buildings in Thailand:

5. The Residences at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok is 272 metres tall (893 ft) with 52 floors and has offices, condos and the IconSiam shopping mall

4. Baiyoke Tower II is 304 metres tall (997 ft) with 85 floors and was then Thailand's highest building when it opened in 1997

3. Four Season Private Residences Bangkok is 309 metres tall (1,012 ft) with 73 floors including luxury penthouse apartments

2. King Power MahaNakhon is 314 metres tall (1,031 ft) with 78 floors and an awesome glass skywalk

1. Magnolias Waterfront Residences Iconsiam is 318 metres tall (1,043 ft) and has 70 floors overlooking the Chao Phraya River. This building is the tallest in Thailand and stands next to the fifth tallest, The Residences at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

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Walk Though The Old Homes Of Talat Noi

Take a walk through the old village of Talat Noi in the Samphanthawong area of Bangkok near Chinatown. This is one of the oldest parts of Bangkok dating back to when Chinese settlers first moved into the city in the 18th century. Today, some of the heritage still remains in the form of the old buildings.

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This is a cool little car repair shop I found in the backstreets of Bangkok that focuses entirely on refurbishing old Jaguars. There were some classic models and some newer from the 1970s onwards.

The owner explained that he gets the old cars shipped from the UK, repairs them and sells them on again in Thailand, Singapore and Japan.

If you've ever tried to buy a second-hand Jaguar in Bangkok you'll know what a big markup there is on prices compared with the UK, where they were originally made.

Expect to pay a minimum of 500,000 Baht for a refurbished Jaguar XJ8 in Thailand. These iconic 1980s and 1990s models can be picked up in good condition in the UK for under 1,000 pound sterling.

Buying a decent Jaguar in Bangkok isn't the easiest task, unless you're after a new car. But I was convinced that the owner of this repair shop knew his stuff.

Fascinating to find the classic British Jaguar in the backstreets of Thailand!

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Good Morning Thailand | The situation in Bangkok 'slums', Thailand re-opening plans

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A taxi service in Thailand offers commuters unique rides in London-inspired cabs. The sophisticated royal blue cars take customers home from the shopping malls across the capital Bangkok.

The vehicles have been designed to mimic the iconic look of London’s black cabs. They include a partition between the passengers and driver with an intercom for them to communicate.

Additional features include wheelchair-accessible space with five leather seats, USB charging stations, free WiFi, internal CCTV, an SOS emergency button and a GPS tracker.

Aside from their iconic colour and appearance - distinguishing them from other Thai taxis usually in shades of green, yellow, and orange - the London-inspired cabs have a VIP registration plate.

Asia Cab Co, the company behind the taxis, first rolled out 30 of the vehicles in September last year as part of a pilot program. They have since increased the vehicles after partnering with Chinese car manufacturer Geely.

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Thailand started its mass vaccination rollout this week amid hopes of a tourism revival by the end of 2021. Footage shows thousands of locals queuing for their AstraZeneca and Sinovac jabs at various points across the capital Bangkok. Officials hope that 70 per cent of the population, or 50 million people, will have received their first jabs by the end of September.

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Good morning Bangkok. Its 8 am and we are at the Trok Mor Morning Market in Bangkok Old Town. You have to be early, because at 9-10 am most of the business is done.
You can find original Thai and Chinese street food, but also fresh products like fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood.

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Welcome back to Bangkok Chinatown in 2021. Amazing street food in Chinatown is worth to come this year to Thailand. At Yaoearat you can feel and smell the Chinese atmosphere.
Enjoy your trip to Bangkoks Chinatown in 2021...

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Baby stingrays can be ordered from street food carts in Bangkok. The dried seafood snacks are placed between barbecue grills to keep them flat while they are cooked over hot coals alongside traffic.

After grilling the baby stingrays, the vendor cuts them into smaller bite-sized pieces using scissors. Customers then enjoy the sweet and salty roadside snack by dipping it into a spicy hot vinegar sauce with herbs and chilis.

Baby stingrays are not the most popular snack in Thailand but they can be found in certain places in Bangkok!

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Footage shows the eerily quiet scenes at Thailand’s biggest market as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact the country’s tourism industry.

The Chatuchak weekend market in the capital Bangkok would normally be full with hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers from around the world.

However, on Sunday afternoon the area was deserted, with many of the struggling stalls shuttered and unlikely to re-open within the coming weeks.

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Footage shows an upmarket riverfront shopping mall that was deserted today as Covid-19 cases continue to spread in Thailand.

The Asiatique centre next to the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok was packed every night with tens of thousands of tourists before the pandemic hit last March.

However, now many of the stalls have closed down and the popular attraction, which includes a ferris wheel and boat rides, is like a ghost town.

Economists said that it could be another five years before the country’s tourism industry returns to pre-pandemic levels.

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The vaccine rollout has started in Thailand but bars are still closed in Bangkok. They'll be the last to re-open, but when they do, it'll be a big relief for everyone.

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A huge explosion and fire at a factory of Ming Dih Chemical Co producing plastic foam and plastic pellets in Bang Phli district, Samut Prakan, on Monday, killed one rescuer and injured at least 21 people. - Rescue foundations

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Natten til mandag skete en eller flere eksplosioner i nogle lagerbygninger ved en fabrik der fremstiller forskellige plastikvarer.

Fabrikken ligger ca. 5 km sydvest for Suvarnabhumi lufthavns ternimalbygning og 5 km fra IKEA Bang-Na, i Samut Prakan provinsen.

kilde: https://www.bangk...60-injured

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Kæmpe eksplosion i Bangkok

En stor eksplosion nær Thailands internationale lufthavn i Bangkok efterlod en fabrik i ruiner og skadede 70 omkringliggende huse.

Tusindvis af personer er blevet evakueret og en person er død, oplyser myndighederne. Eksplosionen fandt sted tidlig mandag.

Beboere i Samut Prakan-provinsen, der bor i en radius af fem kilometer fra fabrikken, som er ejet af et taiwansk firma, er blevet evakueret, oplyser myndighederne.

Fabrikken fremstiller polystyrenskum og ligger små fem kilometer fra Suvarnabhumi lufthavn, der er Thailands internationale lufthavn. Lokale medier beretter, at eksplosionen kunne mærkes i lufthavnenes terminaler, hvilket fik alarmen til at gå af.

Lufthavnen melder, at ingen fly er blevet aflyst endnu.

Grunden til eksplosionen er endnu ikke fastlagt.

Læs nærmere på: Ekstra Bladet:

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The fire raging through the Ming Dih Chemical factory in Bang Phli district since early Monday has been brought under control, but intermittent flare-ups continued through Tuesday morning. - Disaster Response Associations Thailand and Rescue foundations

Full story:

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Massage girls are waiting patiently for customers but there's nobody around who needs their feet rubbed. The parlours in Bangkok re-opened last month with a rule that only foot massages can be given. But with no tourists it's tricky for the massage girls to get any customers. It could be a long wait...

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Bangkok Sukhumvit | Hvordan alt har ændret sig! #livelovethailand
Sukhumvit-området i Bangkok, et af de mest overfyldte turistområder, specielt lavere Sukhumvit, men nu er tingene ændret på grund af den seneste situation, og disse gader, der var fulde af handling dag og nat, er nu næsten tomme.
I denne vlog vil jeg vise dig, hvordan tingene har ændret sig i disse gader, og hvor meget turister er så vigtige at komme tilbage for at give livet tilbage til dette berømte område i Bangkok, Sukhumvit.

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Oprettet af nej d. 22-07-2021 19:24

Her er ordren fra Bangkok guvernøren, der bekræfter lukningen af flere virksomheder, herunder:

- Alle pubber, barer, karaoke butikker og likes

- Massage-parloner

- Sauna / damp steder

- Cockfighting spillesteder

- Hestevæddeløbs-spillesteder

- Alle slags konkurrence spillesteder

- Muay Thai stadions og Muay Thai skoler / træningsspilleder

- Snooker og billiardhaller

- Bowling baner og spillearkader

- Internets spil og butikker

- Teatre / Biografer / Offentlige mødesteder for forestillinger

- Vand-og forlystelsesparker

- Børnelegepladser

- Zoologiske haver

- Skøjte områder og likes

- Fitness klubber / træningscenter / kampsports gyms

- Danseskoler

- Amuletcentre

- Skønheds-og sundhedsklinikker

- Alle slags sportsfelter

- Swimmingpools og likes

- Messecenter

- Læringscentre og kunstgallerier

- Biblioteker

Museer, historiske parker, arkæologiske steder

- Dagplejecentre
- Skønhedssaloner, frisure, manicure og tattoo shops

- Offentlige parker og botaniske haver

Mens denne ordre er til Bangkok, gælder det samme også for andre 'mørkerøde' provinser, herunder Chachoengsao, Chonburi, Nakhon Pathom, Narathiwat, Pathum Thani, Pattani, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Yala, Songkhla, Samut Prakan, Samut Sakhon og Sangkhla.

Kilde: https://www.thaip...-research/

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Covid's life toll
Covid-19 has killed thousands of Thais and infected half a million, but the pandemic has also brought immense economic hardship and both physical and emotional suffering across all walks of life – nowhere more than in Bangkok.

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A shopping mall in Thailand uses a contactless elevator to reduce Covid-19 risk in Thailand.

The Central Westgate centre in Bangkok centre has changed the buttons for sensors that shoppers hover their hands over to choose which floor they want to go to.

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Bangkoks hospitaler er fyldte – særlige tog fragter patienter ud af byen

Stigende smitte- og dødstal har fået templer til at tilbyde gratis kremering og hospitaler til at skære ned på antallet af coronatests.

Tirsdag morgen klokken 9.50 lokal tid forlod et tog med 137 coronapatienter en togstation i udkanten af Bangkok, der er hovedstad i Thailand.

Herfra skulle toget videre mod nordøst for at sætte patienterne af på fem forskellige togstationer ...

Læs yderligere på TV2:


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Thailand sætter daglig rekord i antal smittede og døde

Delta-varianten har sendt Thailands sundhedsvæsen på randen af et kollaps, og der er mangel på sengepladser.

Thailand har torsdag registreret det hidtil højeste antal dagligt smittede under pandemien. I løbet af det seneste døgn er der således bekræftet 17.669 nye smittetilfælde.

Det bringer det samlede antal bekræftede smittetilfælde i landet op på 561.030, siden pandemien ...

Læs yderligere på TV2:

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Wat Ratchabophit or formally Wat Ratchabophit Sathit Maha Simaram Ratcha Wora Maha Wihan, is a Buddhist temple on Atsadang Road, Bangkok, along Khlong Khu Mueang Doem, not far from Wat Pho and the Grand Palace. The temple was built during the reign of King Chulalongkorn.

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The famous Train Night Market (Rot Fai Market) at Ratchada behind the Esplanade Mall (Thai Cultural Center) is closing down. The shop owners have to leave the area within the next 2 weeks.

The Night Market at Srinagarinda will stay open. Rot Fai Market at Ratchada was a great place for good Thai street food and they had many nice street bars.

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The world-famous ladies of Sukhumvit are waiting... but there's still no sign of tourists arriving!

As this video from August 2 shows, an assortment of women are hanging around lower Sukhumvit Road waiting patiently.

Unfortunately for them, there's not much sign of tourists returning just yet and it's likely to be another few months before they start to trickle back to Bangkok.

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Free rides on Red Line during trial
A three-month trial run of the Red Line electric train service begins on Monday. Passengers will be able to ride along the two sections -- the route between Bang Sue Grand Station and Rangsit, and the stretch between Bang Sue and Taling Chan -- for free.

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Thaiger's Caitlin Ashworth gives you a glimpse of life in one of the dark red zones of Thailand, the Thai capital Bangkok. Thailand has been experiencing its most severe wave of Covid-19 and the emergence of both the Alpha variant and now, the highly-transmissible Delta variant. Here's a look into the toll Covid-19 has taken in the big metropolitan city.

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Thai researchers unearthed a rare partially fossilized skeleton belonging to a Bryde’s whale believed to be around 5,000 years old at an inland site west of Bangkok.

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Welcome to the Bangkok Hilton: Inside Thailand’s notorious drug prisons | 60 Minutes

You'd have to be very desperate or very stupid to do drugs in Thailand. After all, the warnings couldn't be any clearer, the penalties any tougher.

But still Australians keep getting caught. Still, they're shocked when they find themselves in some of the world's most appalling, most brutal jails like the notorious Bangkok Hilton. In a way, though, they're the lucky ones.

Thailand's a place where when they say "zero tolerance", they mean it … where more than 2000 drug traffickers were killed on the streets last year.

Oprettet af thai d. 18-08-2021 16:47

Army of volunteers fight Covid-19 battle
Ordinary people, including monks, undertakers and website developers are all pitching in to do what they can to help as the country battles its worst coronavirus outbreak to date. - REUTERS

Oprettet af Thaihans d. 21-08-2021 11:38

Dette er den mest berømte pad thai i Bangkok. De er sku ikke bange for Æg i Thailand

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Oprettet af eneber d. 01-09-2021 18:10

In Bangkok, divers hunt for treasure that's lain on the riverbed of the Chao Phraya for centuries.

For generations, families living along Bangkok's Chao Phraya river have been diving for the more-or-less valuable treasures found on the riverbed. It's their livelihood and their huts lie right on the riverbank.

Mana Onsgaard is a treasure diver. He plunges 20 meters down to the bed of Bangkok's Chao Phraya river, looking for valuables that have been there for centuries.

But digging around in the muddy riverbed can be dangerous. Divers must wear gloves to avoid cuts and losing their fingernails, which become soft from being immersed in water for so long.

Their finds include old teak wood, various metals, ropes, ceramics and old glass bottles -- anything they can sell for cash. Sometimes they even search for cameras or cell phones that tourists have let fall into the river.

Depending on their luck, some divers earn up to 500 euros a month -- just enough to feed a family. But soon treasure diving could be a thing of the past on the Chao Phraya, as the city wants to put a stop to the practice.

Oprettet af eneber d. 03-09-2021 10:48

See how Bangkok and Thailand transformed into a middle class country. Once upon a time it was very poor. Now, its different.
Thailand accomplished an extraordinary transformation.
See how Bangkok is modern and futuristic and its future projects to come. Bangkok is full of beautiful skyscrapers,modern malls,modern subway and schools.
It's worth to be watched.

Oprettet af Je suis Charlie d. 05-09-2021 11:59

Khun Lek is a taxi driver in Bangkok, but he does not drive during the Lockdown and C-19. I asked him to show me where the taxis are that are not driving at the moment.

Today Sunday 22nd of August we had a look in Nakhon Pathom about 40km West of Bangkok, where there are a few taxi companies that are closed down.

Oprettet af sam d. 06-09-2021 00:49

selvfølgelig vil en del bukke under, der er jo ingen kunder der har råd ti at køre i taxi pt.

Oprettet af ana d. 12-09-2021 15:13

Visit the Departures of Suvarnabhumi Airport, before and after Immigration check point.
Most shops are closed, waiting for the time tourists will be allowed back in Thailand.

At the moment there are very few travelers and so most restaurants and duty free shops are closed or being renovated.

At night time, after the curfew time, it's not easy to find a taxi too.

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You'd have to be very desperate or very stupid to do drugs in Thailand. After all, the warnings couldn't be any clearer, the penalties any tougher.

But still Australians keep getting caught. Still, they're shocked when they find themselves in some of the world's most appalling, most brutal jails like the notorious Bangkok Hilton.

In a way, though, they're the lucky ones. Thailand's a place where when they say "zero tolerance", they mean it … where more than 2000 drug traffickers were killed on the streets last year.

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Bangkok's fire department catches more snakes than it extinguishes fires. During the rainy season the reptiles often hide in peoples' homes. With snakes ranging from harmless to highly poisonous, fireman Sontaya Wangjam never knows what to expect.

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Oprettet af eneber d. 20-09-2021 14:49

Car mob rallies against tanks, troops and Prayut

More than 1,000 cars, motorcycles and other vehicles set off from Asoke intersection in heavy rain, the beginning of a "car mob" rally set to wind through the streets of Bangkok in another bid to oust Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.

Oprettet af eneber d. 21-09-2021 13:26

Thousands of taxis are rusting in junk yard during the pandemic in Bangkok, Thailand.

Oprettet af eneber d. 23-09-2021 11:21

Oprettet af thai d. 24-09-2021 09:11

With demand for taxis drying up in Thailand and thousands of drivers leaving town, one Bangkok cab company has turned its vehicles into mini vegetable gardens.

Oprettet af masa d. 25-09-2021 11:10

The Thai temple responsible for the construction of a giant Buddha statue visible across Bangkok says the structure is nearly complete.

Oprettet af masa d. 27-09-2021 08:30

More than 1,000 cars, motorcycles and other vehicles set off from Asoke intersection in heavy rain, the beginning of a "car mob" rally set to wind through the streets of Bangkok in another bid to oust Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.

The demonstration was held in conjunction with the 15th anniversary of the Sept 19, 2006 coup that ousted then-prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Get more news videos at www.bangkokpost.c... (Video by Jetjaras Na Ranong)

Oprettet af masa d. 02-10-2021 18:03

With 'Bangkok Pat'. Sukhumvit Road: Let's look back. The future is uncertain, we can't look forward, so let's look back for 10 minutes.

Nana to Asok is probably the most famous part of Sukhumvit Road, and it's changed a lot in the last few decades.

From it's beginnings 50yrs ago and the history of its name, we look at how it's changed, the streets, the traffic, the skytrain, the buildings, the nightlife, as well as a few headlines and urban legends.

Oprettet af Kent d. 08-10-2021 15:23

Small hotel adjusts for survival today, prepares for crises in future
The proprietors of family-run Rajata Hotel in Bangkok’s Bang Lamphu area near Khaosan Road describe the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the business – the changes it has made to survive today, and how it hopes to cope with uncertainty in the future. |

Oprettet af morten d. 16-10-2021 10:18

Thai massage girls on Sukhumvit Road were delighted today as full-body massages were allowed again under relaxed Covid-19 rules. Starting from October 1, full-body oil massages and soapy massages across the country were given the green light, allowing struggling workers to earn a living again.

Oprettet af morten d. 17-10-2021 13:44

Bangkok's New Tourist Attractions Ong Ang Walking Street

Klong Ong Ang Walking Street, the latest of its kind in Bangkok, was inaugurated during Loy Krathong Festival, however, it's not just another fair-style pedestrian street with lots of food and goods.

Located along both sides of Ong Ang canal, from Damrong Sathit Bridge to Saphan Han Bridge, the walking street also features street art of various styles that depict the mixed character of this area which is home to Thais of different ethnic descent, including Chinese and Indian.

Redigeret af morten d. 17-10-2021 13:47

Oprettet af morten d. 19-10-2021 17:39

Footage shows an impressive light show competition that was projected onto buildings for Bangkok Design Week. The annual event, which included the 'Projection Mapping Competition', sees inventors and developers from across Thailand display their creations.

Organisers said the light show was to 'promote and support the modern media design industry in Thailand to become widespread and advance comparable to the world standard and gives young designers the opportunity to showcase and demonstrate their potential to the public'.

Oprettet af IT d. 20-10-2021 13:28

A female bodybuilder has enjoyed her first public workout following the re-opening of parks in Thailand. Footage shows the fitness fanatic attracting admiring glances while using the popular public gym apparatus at the Lumpini Park in central Bangkok on Tuesday, October 19.

Oprettet af Thaihans d. 23-10-2021 14:01

Here's a video of 10 of the strangest cafes in Bangkok. There's a head-spinning black-and-white 3D art cafe, a Japanese maid cafe, a coffee shop where drinks are served with a robot, the famous condom restaurant, a mini zoo cafe, a cannabis cafe, Boeing 747 cafe, Thailand's largest Starbucks, a traditional cafe that has been using the same coffee recipe for more than 100 years and finally a cafe with dozens of Corgi dogs that are fit the Queen of England.

Oprettet af Thaihans d. 24-10-2021 10:19

We compiled for you the best of Bangkok's seafood to make sure every meal you have in Bangkok is always aroy maak maak.

1. Tai Kong Seafood Buffet
2. Laemcharoen Seafood
3. T & K Seafood China Town, Bangkok
4. Pee Aor Tom Yum Goong Restaurant
5. Never Die Seafood (Rod Fai Market)
6. Kung Tep Seafood (Rod Fai Market)
7. Crab and Claw
8. Staneemeehoi Restaurant
9. Sornthong Seafood Sornthong Restaurant
10. Mungkorn Seafood BBQ buffet

Oprettet af Kent d. 28-10-2021 14:55

Sukhumvit Soi 23 massage girls were ready and waiting for customers today, October 26. Rules have been relaxed and with tourists set to return from November 1, it's all stations go as the massage shops prepare for the hordes to flood back.

Oprettet af thai d. 31-10-2021 09:43

A creepy Halloween haunted dollhouse is is scaring customers at the Seacon Square building in the Prawet district of Bangkok.

Oprettet af thai d. 31-10-2021 09:44

Footage shows Halloween celebrations with scary street food served to shoppers at the Urban Eatery event at the K Village shopping mall in Bangkok.

Oprettet af thai d. 31-10-2021 09:44

Footage shows a Halloween display at the CentralWorld shopping mall in Bangkok, where visitor were greeted with inflatable pumpkins and a Halloween themed photo booth.

Oprettet af thai d. 02-11-2021 10:23

Footage shows a Halloween display at the CentralWorld shopping mall in Bangkok, where visitor were greeted with inflatable pumpkins and a Halloween themed photo booth.

Oprettet af thai d. 08-11-2021 17:39

Thais were quick to visit the Temple of the Emerald Buddha when it reopened to the public on Monday.

Oprettet af thai d. 09-11-2021 16:20

This was the scene on Friday afternoon as Sukhumvit Road bars finally re-opened. Bangkok is still quiet but expect things to get busier from January onwards when tourists start returning in numbers.

Redigeret af thai d. 09-11-2021 16:20

Oprettet af Je suis Charlie d. 15-11-2021 20:25

This was the scene on Friday afternoon as Sukhumvit Road bars finally re-opened. Bangkok is still quiet but expect things to get busier from January onwards when tourists start returning in numbers.

Oprettet af eneber d. 16-11-2021 15:32

A cute smoothie seller at the Rot Fai night train market in Ratchada, Bangkok.

Oprettet af eneber d. 17-11-2021 17:59

Footage shows Thailand’s famous Khao San Road backpacker district on Friday afternoon, November 12, as tourists trickle back into the country following the relaxation of restrictions.

Oprettet af eneber d. 19-11-2021 11:23

Footage shows Thailand’s famous Wat Arun Buddhist temple on Friday November 12 as tourists trickle back into the country following the relaxation of restrictions.

Oprettet af emil d. 26-11-2021 12:52

Hua Lamphong station will be tentatively closed on Dec 23 as the Transport Ministry plans to move all rail services to the new Bang Sue Grand Station.

Oprettet af emil d. 30-11-2021 17:29

Christmas Tree Goes Up On Sukhumvit

Staff were busy putting up a Christmas Tree outside the Times Square shopping mall on Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok this week.

Oprettet af eneber d. 01-12-2021 13:05

Hundreds of models posed alongside luxury cars at the Bangkok Motor Show today March 24 as the automotive industry struggles with the impact of the pandemic.

The event - one of only a handful of motor shows taking place around the world this year - displayed luxury vehicles from Rolls Royce, Aston Martin and other popular brands from across Asia.

Models in hot pants and glamorous dresses showed off the cars. The ladies - known locally as 'pretties' - have become a regular feature of the motoring event which attracts car-lovers from across the world, with the prestigious modelling jobs paying the equivalent of several hundred dollars a day for each girl.

Among the highlights of the 2021 show were the collection of electric cars and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Oprettet af thai d. 04-12-2021 17:18

Riverside residents braced for floods after authorities warned of a hide tide in Thailand.

Locals living along the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok started piling up sandbags around their properties after the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) warned of rising river levels between November 20 and 26 and between December 6 and 9.

Video shows sandbags placed around homes and shops near Krung Thon bridge to prevent flood water from entering the buildings today.

The BMA has coordinated with the Royal Irrigation Department to release water from the nearby dam into the river on dates that would not coincide with the expected high tide.

Oprettet af egon d. 14-12-2021 09:18

Locals are buying sweaters and winter jackets as winter brings cooler temperatures in Thailand this week. The capital Bangkok has seen temperatures in the mid-teens during evenings and early mornings. It has been colder in northern provinces with places in Chiang Mai falling to single digits

Oprettet af Elmer55 d. 23-12-2021 14:03

A flashback to when the streets were unusually quiet during the closures and partial lockdown in July 2021.

Oprettet af ana d. 25-12-2021 15:19

A compilation of shots of street food vendors selling snacks in Bangkok.

Oprettet af eneber d. 27-12-2021 12:05

Bangkok aflyser nytårsfejringer

Som følge af et stigende smitteantal har bystyret i den thailandske hovedstad besluttet at aflyse nytårsfejringer.

Det meddeler regeringen på Twitter og skriver blandt andet, at aflysningerne også gælder bede - og messeceremonier.

Sidste år blev der også indført restriktioner i Thailand kort før nytårsaften, og det betød blandt andet, at koncerter blev aflyst, ligesom restauranter måtte lukke tidligt.

Ifølge regeringen er det i år dog stadig tilladt for private organisationer at arrangere nytårsfejringer.

Antallet af nye smittede steg i går med omkring 2.500, og dermed er det samlede antal af smittede i Thailand på lidt over 2,2 millioner.

Oprettet af farang d. 31-12-2021 18:35

This is the 420 Cannabis Cafe in Bangkok - the latest venue to open following the relaxation of drug laws in Thailand. There are two in the city and the cafes are decorated with colourful lights and artificial cannabis plants making it look like a marijuana greenhouse.

It is the latest cannabis-based cafe - with restaurants, bars, stalls, bakers and even vending machines appearing around the country. Ministers hope the plant will be a 'cash crop' to stimulate the struggling tourist-dependent economy.

Oprettet af palle d. 01-01-2022 14:16

Ever wanted to fire a real gun? You can in Thailand. There are quite a few locations around Thailand where you can learn to fire different guns in a controlled environment, learn more about different types of guns and even do some target practice. Som is a newbie in the whole gun firing thing! So she headed off to the Royal Thai Navy Shooting Range in Bang Na (aka. Ratchanawi Bang Na Shooting Range).

Oprettet af Thaihans d. 02-01-2022 13:03

Welcome to Bangkok and our New Year 2022 special episode!

In today's video I am inviting you to travel to the Central World street food market located in the city center of Bangkok (Chidlom BTS), where we will try to find holiday mood! We will be testing delicious Thai food, laughing with friendly local people, enjoying holiday atmosphere, beautiful ladies, Xmas tree and a lot more!

Let's enjoy the best street food of Thailand and make a few strangers smile at the Central World night market!

Oprettet af Thaihans d. 08-01-2022 16:36

Siam Market-Cute Girls-Cute Clothes & Yummy Food Bangkok Thailand

Oprettet af Hans d. 11-01-2022 05:21

This is the full video taken by police of the arrest of Louis Ziskin, the CEO of DropIn, Inc., for alleged attempted murder, kidnap and extortion, among others charges.

These charges were all filed by the Thai police at court and an arrest warrant was made for Ziskin. He later left Thailand due to administrative issues with police paperwork.

Thai police said the case is still ongoing.

Oprettet af eneber d. 18-01-2022 11:07

Vildt dragrace med traktormotorer på flod

En thailandsk langbåd, en traktormotor, en lang propelaksel og fuld gas. Den enkle opskrift danner udgangspunktet for de alternative kapsejladser, der kan opleves på en flod nær Bangkok.

Sikkerhedsudstyr og regler er ikke-eksisterende, når lokale mødes til udfordrende kapsejlads nær Bangkok.

Læs og se nærmere på:



»Andre videoer fra CB Media

Oprettet af farang d. 02-02-2022 19:38

Chinatown is preparing for the 2022 Chinese New Year. On the 1st of February 2022 the year of the Tiger starts

Oprettet af thai d. 07-02-2022 14:11

Bangkok Design Week 2022
Bangkok Design Week has returned to the capital after a two-year absence due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the celebration of creativity runs until next Sunday

Oprettet af IT d. 08-02-2022 10:51

BANGKOK: Four roller skating ladies who recently attempted to bring the ’80s back to Siam Paragon were promptly asked to vacate the premises by security guards.

Oprettet af Thaihans d. 11-02-2022 11:40

80 år gammel bedstefar laver peanut- og tarosmag honeycomb pandekage i Bangkok Chinatown Gamle Marked, Bangkok

Redigeret af Thaihans d. 11-02-2022 11:42

Oprettet af AK81 d. 17-02-2022 09:42

Oprettet af ove d. 22-02-2022 12:25

Few cities can rival Bangkok’s chaotic and colourful mix of modernity and tradition. Largely unplanned, the Thai capital dazzles visitors with its fast and furious pace, and its dizzying variety of architectural styles.

But the city’s galloping development has left some ugly eyesores in the form of abandoned buildings, some of which are in prime locations.

One derelict department store, though, has attracted the interest of a group of artists and architects, who have turned it into an art and light exhibit.

Oprettet af natie d. 03-03-2022 13:46

Central World is having "#My Style, My Ghibli, Let's Lose Our Way, together" exhibition which is an official full-fledge exhibition from Studio Ghibli. The last day of the exhibition is on March 27, 2022.

Redigeret af natie d. 03-03-2022 13:46

Oprettet af IT d. 06-03-2022 11:05

Et af de mere unikke templer i Bangkok er Wat Pariwat på Rama III Road. Dette var tidligere kendt som David Beckham-templet. Men nu har de en ny bygning, der er prydet med endnu flere eksempler på moderne kunst. De gør dette for at tiltrække den yngre generation.

A bizarre Buddhist temple in Thailand is decorated with hundreds of cartoon characters - including a bronze David Beckham statue. The building, nicknamed the 'David Beckham' temple, attracts tourists and locals to give donations at the site in the south of the Thai capital Bangkok.

Redigeret af IT d. 06-03-2022 11:07

Oprettet af Thaihans d. 10-03-2022 17:27

Thai gademad - Kæmpe Havaborre Fisk skæreevner Bangkok fisk og skaldyr Thailand

Oprettet af Hans d. 13-03-2022 10:06

Oprettet af eneber d. 26-03-2022 17:42

Small Hidden Slum Alley In Bangkok

On either side of the narrow path are two rows of terraced single-storey homes. Each has just one room at the front, one at the back and a single bathroom.

Residents use gas stoves to cook their food - many of them doing it outside in the street. There are also dozens of street food cats and several tuk tuks congesting the alley.

Clothes are hung on racks and dried in front of the homes and people wash their pots and pans outside. Piles of rubbish also gather at the entrances to the small properties.

One resident said the cost of renting homes in the alleyway varies between 3,000 baht (97 USD) and 5,000 baht (162 USD). Several people often live in the same home to share the cost.

Many people living there work in factories, as drivers, street food sellers or other hand-to-mouth low wage professions.

Oprettet af per1234 d. 01-04-2022 11:05

The man behind the Bangkok Model Railway 2022 exhibition says the replica train is a living hobby. The exhibition at Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) in Bangkok ends on April 6

Oprettet af sky d. 03-04-2022 11:34

The Ong Ang canal in Bangkok was once a polluted slum but it has been turned into this awesome mini walking street with nighttime stalls. There are romantic lights, food stalls, musicians, handicrafts and street art. People can even take kayaks onto the canal!

Oprettet af JohnJ d. 03-04-2022 11:55

Det er næsten for meget af det gode, ren Tivoli.. Jeg kan bedre lide Khlong Saan Sab, grim ad h.... til og den stinker!

Redigeret af JohnJ d. 03-04-2022 11:57

Oprettet af sky d. 03-04-2022 12:01

JohnJ skrev:
Det er næsten for meget af det gode, ren Tivoli.. Jeg kan bedre lide Khlong Saan Sab, grim ad h.... til og den stinker!

fint nok smag og behag er jo forskellig så vi tager lige en tur på Khlong Saan Sab:TUP

Oprettet af JohnJ d. 03-04-2022 12:02

Herligt, tak! Går tit ture dernede, og tager båden til Asoke og den anden vej til The Mall Bangkapi.

Oprettet af eneber d. 24-04-2022 18:29

Bangkok Skyline 2021 One of The Beautiful City Views In Asean

Oprettet af pareden d. 27-04-2022 13:55

Bangkok and the rivers of Thailand on board the Mekhala (Documentary, Discovery, History)

Oprettet af thai d. 29-04-2022 15:00

The American coffee house chain has opened its biggest store yet in Thai capital Bangkok on February 12. The Starbucks Reserve Chao Phraya Riverfront was officially opened at the Iconsiam shopping mall.

It was built inside one of Southeast Asia’s largest shopping malls, IconSiam, strategically placed to oversee the scene Chao Phraya river. The store utilises a double-level space extending to 1,260 sqm on the seventh floor of the mall so coffee lovers could have a better view of the extensive waterways below.

Signature coffee and drinks are available on the menu, but it will be the first to serve the Muan JaiTM Blend, a local coffee blend from the northeastern part of the country.

Oprettet af per1234 d. 02-05-2022 19:05

A total of 5,000 have already been parked in state and semi-state facilities throughout the metropolis in government and public utility offices and car parks as part of the minister’s assistance to the cooperative members.

The minister was told that drivers can only earn up to ฿300 a day if they are lucky and this only pays for fuel and some food leaving no money to make payments on cars, pay for rent, other essentials and to take care of their family, at this time.

Oprettet af per1234 d. 07-05-2022 15:04

A Khaosan Road Bangkok Thailand re-opening Mai 2022 update. Thailand officially re-opened for tourists. Khaosan Road Bangkok Backpacker street & Bangkok's Party street, see how it's doing and give you the latest Thailand up-date. Khaosan road at night. We look at Khaosan road's nightlife and enjoy a drink at Rambuttri Alley.

Oprettet af per1234 d. 27-05-2022 11:23

Locals are still clinging to their masks like comfort blankets in Bangkok. There are very loosely-enforced and vague murmurs from officials that masks 'should' be worn outdoors, but even that is set to be scrapped from mid-June.

Despite the virus being endemic and more mild, many Thais are still adamant that they will continue wearing one - or even two - masks outdoors. Especially now all the foreign tourists are returning to the country!

Oprettet af JohnJ d. 27-05-2022 12:08

Fuldstændig vanvittigt vi stadig går rundt med det lort, 2 år nu!!

Når jeg er på indkøb ser jeg de indfødte tage plastik handsker på, efter de næsten har taget brusebad i sprit/alkohol, noget jeg foretrækker at anvende indenbords!

Nogle går også rundt med plastvisir, så efter min mening bliver der sgu ingen slutning på dettte vanvid foreløbig.. det vil de simpelthen ikke.

Oprettet af per1234 d. 28-05-2022 12:56

Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok, is unique. This film reveals the best spots: well-known locations, and places off the beaten track.

Our report provides a detailed guide to Asia’s most exciting city. For transportation, visitors and local residents alike can choose from motorized rickshaws, taxis, subways, or the sky train.

There are also express boats that ply the Chao Phraya River -- plus long-tail boats, and vessels that make their way through the city's khlongs, or canals.

This journey of discovery takes us to the places where Bangkok residents go to rest and relax -- like the island of Ko Samet in the Gulf of Thailand. This is the capital's version of Wannsee Lake in Berlin.

You can book a river cruise, or visit one of the trendy open-air bars perched atop high-rise buildings.

A lot of younger Bangkok residents have taken up a bold challenge in this car-friendly city: they've switched to bicycles. Many locals enjoy making a bike visit to the village-like central district, near a big bend in the river -- even when the temperature rises above 30-degrees centigrade.

On the islands off the coast, there's plenty of sunshine, beautiful beaches, and clear, warm water -- a mix that attracts crowds of Bangkok residents on weekends.

Oprettet af Thaihans d. 29-05-2022 13:21

The Thaiger visit one the worlds largest International Food exhibition and trade fair with 11 trade shows under 1 roof.

THAIFEX-Anuga Asia welcomes all local and international participants at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani in Bangkok, Thailand. This year we look at the Italian booth at Thaifex-Anuga and talk to the Italian ambassador on the growth of Italian representation at Thaifex-Anuga as well as the in the Thai market.

Oprettet af IT d. 30-05-2022 12:51

Set on 11 riverside acres of verdant gardens on the Chao Phraya River, Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort is a thriving luxury oasis offering a unique way to experience Bangkok. Recently granted GOLD Certification by Green Growth 2050, the global sustainability certification standard for travel and tourism, the hotel is committed to continuing a tradition of offering its guests a taste of 'local experiences.' Partnering with Bangsai Agricultural Centre, they now offer guests a locally grown, certified organic, freshly harvested selection of Western and Asian herbs, vegetables and salads in the resort's 2,800 square-meter rooftop Hydroponic Farm.

Redigeret af IT d. 30-05-2022 12:51

Oprettet af IT d. 03-06-2022 16:41

Tourists were hitting the bars as travel restrictions eased and nightlife re-opened in Bangkok today. Holidaymakers will only need a vaccine certificate and medical insurance for the paperwork to enter the country from June 1.

Oprettet af nej d. 04-06-2022 12:13

Today we attend the Bangkok Motor Expo, which is going on until December 12th at the Impact Arena. We look at the new 2022 Motorcycles and I will show you my favorite, top new Motorcycles on display at the event. Which one is your favorite top pick, let me know in the comments.

Redigeret af nej d. 04-06-2022 12:14

Oprettet af thai d. 06-06-2022 09:40

Bangkok Pride 2022 - Silom hosts Thailand's first Pride parade for 16 years!

The first pride parade to take part in Thailand's capital city for 16 years. Bangkok Naruemit Pride 2022 started its journey at the Sri Maha Mariamman Hindu Temple at 4pm. Tens of thousands of participants took part in this amazing spectacle of colour and diversity.

Oprettet af IT d. 07-06-2022 11:47

Oprettet af hassel d. 09-06-2022 07:35

Before-and-after footage shows how the bustling Ratchada Night Train Market has been destroyed over the last two years due to the pandemic.

Oprettet af hassel d. 11-06-2022 08:57

Watch snooker cues made by hand in A Thai workshop favoured by Ronnie O'Sullivan.

The cues begin life as a block of wood before being shaped and sanded at O'Min Cues in Minburi on the outskirts of Bangkok.

Owner Somkiat Kulawattanaporn is nicknamed O'Min. He is one of the most well-known suppliers in Asia.

Ronnie O'Sullivan and Jimmy White are among those who have ordered his handmade cues. A photo of The Rocket visiting his shop even takes pride of place on a wall of photographs.

This place is well worth a visit for anyone who likes snooker or pool!

Oprettet af hassel d. 15-06-2022 12:08

A crumbling 200-year-old Chinese house has been converted into a cafe in Bangkok's Talat Noi district.

Patina Bangkok Cafe owners renovated the property for customers to enjoy the traditional architecture of the Chinese settlers in Thailand in the 19th century.

The two-story home has arched doors and two ancient Chinese wells with Thai-style wooden windows and vintage furniture.

Walls was decorated with paint peeling off the house from repeated painting and erosion of the wall that is more than two centuries old.

Patina Cafe opens from 9 am to 6 pm while the bar zone opens from 5 pm to 11 pm.

Oprettet af natie d. 18-06-2022 08:06

Oprettet af nej d. 19-06-2022 13:08

Oprettet af eneber d. 21-06-2022 14:39

The return of Music in the Park gives people in Bangkok a chance to enjoy the tunes after the coronavirus silenced the concerts for more than two years.

Redigeret af eneber d. 21-06-2022 14:41

Oprettet af hassel d. 23-06-2022 15:23

Colourful parrots were displayed allowing families to get to know the creatures at shopping mall in Bangkok.

The birds included finches, canaries, mini parrots, macaws, and lovebirds at the Central World building.

Organisers said the stand allowed children to touch the birds, take pictures and feed them. Vendors were also selling pet supplies.

Oprettet af jens peter d. 24-06-2022 15:02

The Thai massage trade is picking up as tourists return to the country.

Oprettet af jens peter d. 27-06-2022 09:13

Stray cats have taken over the sight of the night train market in Ratchada. The popular market couldn't survive the drought of customers during the recent difficult years. It's now just wasteland with cats roaming. However, there are plans from new owners Central Group to develop the land, so something new should be appearing there soon.

Oprettet af pareden d. 28-06-2022 13:43

Her er seks af de bedste flycaféer i Bangkok eller inden for en nem køreafstand.

De omfatter et tidligere US Air Force-fly, der er blevet omdannet til en cafe på en tankstation i Chachaongsao, på vej til Pattaya .

En McDonnell Douglas MD-80, der blev skrottet i 2019, er nu et farverigt spisested i Bangkok.

En pensioneret Boeing 747 jumbojet serverer snacks og drinks i Bangkok. Mens en nedlagt Airbus A330 tiltrækker besøgende til Sattahip i Chonburi-provinsen.

Thai Airways brugte reservedele til fly til at åbne denne restaurant, der serverede varme måltider i deres hovedkvarter i Bangkok.

Og en cafe på Chatuchak Weekend Market bruger et gammelt militærfly.

Oprettet af Thaihans d. 07-07-2022 09:08

Food vendors have been a constant presence in Bangkok – but thousands of them are now being chased off the streets thanks to a move by Thailand’s military government to ‘clean up’ the country.

Bangkok is known as much for its smell as its sights.

For decades the noisy bustle of street vendors selling papaya salad, braised duck, grilled chicken, fish, noodles and other local delicacies, has been a constant presence across the city.

Many sidewalks are densely crowded with stalls selling food and drink, clothes and jewelry, toys and lottery tickets – an energetic constant the city has become known for.

But soon this could become the Bangkok of years past.

In a bid to “clean up” the city, the authorities have already cleared away thousands of vendors. At the same time a major riverfront development will see whole communities evicted.

In one small community on the Chao Phraya River, local families are preparing for the day they’ll be moved away, to be replaced by a concrete promenade. “It’s like they want to wipe out the poor,” one woman tells Dateline reporter Amos Roberts.

Oprettet af Smukke Erik d. 09-07-2022 09:44

Bangkok har alt untaget Turister((7))

This cool little flea market gathers vintage items all in one place.

There’s also an old Vietnam-era plane converted into a cafe at The Camp market area in Chatuchak, Bangkok.

Redigeret af Smukke Erik d. 09-07-2022 09:46

Oprettet af skipper d. 09-07-2022 22:09

Hæ hæ, jamen så må de jo begynde at behandle os bedre, ingen farangpriser og anden humbug.
De må se i øjnene at de skal forsørge sig selv, vi andre har nok at se til i forvejen derhjemme uden også at forsørge dem på vores ferie ((11((

Oprettet af thai d. 12-07-2022 14:20

The Happy Buds truck sells fresh cannabis on Khaosan Road. Owner 'Louis' has converted the food stand into a late-night weed dispensary. Tourists are able to buy and smoke outside one of the many bars along the bustling road. The strains start at 700 Baht (16.25 GBP) per gram. They include Bangkok Night Nurse, Mango, Wild Thai, Sour Diesel and Tomyum. The surreal scene came as ministers decriminalized marijuana. Hundreds of stalls and shops around the country are now openly selling the drug.

Oprettet af IT d. 14-07-2022 09:43

Nightlife is picking up on Khaosan Road again. Travel restrictions have eased and its a green light for bars and clubs. Even the crazy mask rule has been dropped.

Oprettet af IT d. 15-07-2022 10:31

Bangkok before the Skytrain was a very different place as you’ll see in this footage filmed in the 1980s.

Redigeret af IT d. 15-07-2022 10:32

Oprettet af peter greersen d. 17-07-2022 17:05

Hvem ville ikke ønske, at de havde en tidsmaskine til at rejse tilbage til Bangkok for 50 år siden for på egen hånd at opleve, hvordan byen var dengang?

Oprettet af peter greersen d. 19-07-2022 14:37

dejligt ingen mundbind nu mangler vi bare at de smider toppen ((7))

Redigeret af peter greersen d. 19-07-2022 14:40

Oprettet af peter greersen d. 22-07-2022 07:57

UPS det regner igen

he Bangkok Metropolitan Administration or BMA reported flooding in several
locations throughout Bangkok, following hours of heavy rain last night.

Redigeret af ADM d. 28-08-2022 15:37

Oprettet af nick d. 24-07-2022 14:17

Welcome To The Bangkok Hilton

You’d have to be very desperate or very stupid to do drugs in Thailand.

After all, the warnings couldn’t be any clearer, the penalties any tougher.

Still, they’re shocked when they find themselves in some of the world’s most appalling, most brutal jails like the notorious Bangkok Hilton.

Oprettet af Q8 d. 28-07-2022 13:53

Ratchadamnoen Avenue and nearby areas are decorated with lights to celebrate His Majesty the King’s 70th birthday on July 28, 2022.

Oprettet af sky d. 29-07-2022 14:27

Tag med på denne helt igennem super familievenlige tur som både er med longtailbåd, Tuk tuk, tog, minifærge og cykelrickshaw.

Oprettet af jens peter d. 30-07-2022 15:38

Welcome to the a Thaiger throwback video.

For many centuries, Bangkokians have used canals as their main way for transportation.

But ever since technology and roads were introduced to Thailand, Bangkokians have turned their front doors away from the waterways and started facing the main streets instead.

However, Natty managed to find a quaint little community in the inner part of Bangkok that has remained relatively untouched. Join her and Khun Ohm from Hidden Bangkok Tours in this episode, to see how Bangkok used to look like 60 years ago

Redigeret af jens peter d. 30-07-2022 15:39

Oprettet af Thaihans d. 31-07-2022 10:19

You must try this buffet located at Lumpini park in Bangkok, Thailand. Possibly the cheapest all you can eat buffet in Thailand, it has a wide variety of choices to choose from before or after you visit Thailand's first ever public park.

Join Natty and Jay as they try this buffet and visit Lumpini park and show you all it has to offer.

Oprettet af M55 d. 06-08-2022 11:37

Banchakitti Forest Park is the place to be at dusk for sunset selfies. If that’s your thing.

Oprettet af eneber d. 07-08-2022 13:57

Soapy Massage Parlor On Sale For $14 MILLION

The venue in Bangkok has 104 rooms with baths and jacuzzis all decorated with bright wallpaper and bed spreads Owners claim there were more than 100 customers a day before the pandemic.

They said it made profits of between 90,000 US dollars and 180,000 US dollars a month. Even that wouldn't be worth 14 mill!

That's a hefty price tag for a bath house without any customers!

About: Bangkok Extra shows events, attractions and topical updates from around the Thai capital.

Subscribe and turn on notifications to stay up to date with the latest videos from Bangkok!

Oprettet af Thaihans d. 19-08-2022 14:10

We head back down to the streets of Silom to check out the early morning market on the famous Patpong street.

The streets are surprisingly busy at 7.30am with many traders having been there since it was dark.

We also take a look at the vendors along Convent Road and Silom Road.

Oprettet af bille d. 21-08-2022 10:12

Fancy trying to negotiate this junction? Check out some of this Thai driving at its finest.

Oprettet af nick d. 25-08-2022 12:59

Bangkok’s BTS Skytrain story goes back to the 1960s when Bangkok’s first urban rail plans took place, the MTS Masterplan, Lavalin Skytrain & Hopewell Projects.

Bangkok Pat takes us through the beginnings in Part 1 of this series.

Oprettet af nick d. 28-08-2022 15:32

Amnesia", "Jack Haze", and "Night Nurse" are just some of the marijuana strains on sale at a pop-up truck in Bangkok, as retailers cash in on demand for the newly legalised substance from foreigners and locals alike.

Oprettet af peter99 d. 30-08-2022 13:34

Kan det nu også passe at Thaierne snyder, nej vel det er bare noget turisterne finde på((11((

Oprettet af IT d. 06-09-2022 10:58

BANGKOK | Siam Square Walking Street for The New Generation 2022

Oprettet af jens peter d. 09-09-2022 14:14

Thais hold this amusing boat rowing race to mark the Loy Krathong festival
The funny event happens every year in Nakhon Ratchasima province
Locals paddle furiously to reach the finish line 100 metres away
There are lots of splashes and falls!

Oprettet af jens peter d. 10-09-2022 10:41

This video shows hundreds of homeless locals sleeping rough near Thailand's once-bustling backpacker district. The video was recorded next to the Khao San Road which has been unusually quiet since the travel bans. The city's homeless problem has hardly improved, even since tourists started returning.

Oprettet af FCK d. 13-09-2022 13:39

Oprettet af nick d. 17-09-2022 10:59

Oprettet af Thaihans d. 22-09-2022 11:12

Restaurants in Bangkok - 2022’s hottest new restaurants in Bangkok

Oprettet af Thaihans d. 25-09-2022 09:52

Rainbow-Themed Dessert Shop In Bangkok

This colorful Willy Wonka-style rainbow-themed dessert shop opened in Bangkok. The dessert cafe called Sugar Rush houses more than 10 shops in one place.

French artist Matteo Messervy designed the sugary treat haven, inspired by chroma therapy or colour therapy.

The halls, floors, walls, and ceilings of Sugar Rush are painted with a vibrant palette. Visitors can buy marshmallows stuffed with ice cream, custard-filled Japanese fish-shaped croissants called taiyaki.

There are also donuts with colourful toppings and many more.

Sugar Rush is a five-minute walk from the Victory Monument BTS Station. It opens every day from 10 AM-8 PM.

Oprettet af M55 d. 27-09-2022 17:28

12 Things You Shouldn't Dare To Do In Bangkok No Matter What

Oprettet af per1234 d. 28-09-2022 17:33

Siam Paragon, a 'World Class Fashion Destination,' the initiator of Siam Paragon Bangkok International Fashion Week, has long been a key driving force of Thai fashion industry.

This year, the world class fashion showcase Siam Paragon Bangkok International Fashion Week 2022 (BIFW2022) has featured grand presentation from over 15 top-notch Thai fashion houses and new generation designers. BIFW2022 has been Siam Paragon’s major and continuing mission to promote and drive Thai fashion to international levels.

Oprettet af thai d. 02-10-2022 12:42

Most exciting museum to visit in Bangkok in 2022

Bangkok is home to so many interesting places. And for those who like a bit of history, its museums don’t disappoint. From outdoor wonderlands with rich, cultural finds, to indoor adventures into Thailand’s past, there’s something for every kind of traveller. So, if you’re visiting Bangkok and want to explore a museum, we have selected some of the city’s top museums in which to see.

Redigeret af thai d. 02-10-2022 12:43

Oprettet af thai d. 09-10-2022 15:44

Wondering where to go in Bangkok with a small budget? Then this article is for you! Here, we’ve compiled the best Bangkok attractions that cost little to nothing for tourists. From outdoor markets and parks to indoor, themed shopping malls, tourists will love this list of budget-friendly Bangkok attractions!

Oprettet af Hans d. 29-10-2022 16:59

Thailand to Singapore by Train (Bangkok - Penang - Kuala Lumpur - Singapore)

For full details of the journey here:

Oprettet af IT d. 31-10-2022 12:35

Fruen i Huset og lille mig har lige været på indkøbs tur i dette center og ja de toiletter er flotte

Redigeret af IT d. 31-10-2022 12:37

Oprettet af thai d. 02-11-2022 11:11

Hello ! We will walk in Halloween night together at KhaoSan Road, Bangkok, Thailand. There are many peoples come with a Halloween Costume Party, the tourists and thai peoples.

Oprettet af thai d. 02-11-2022 11:11

Revellers dressed in Halloween costumes take part in celebrations on Khao San Road last night. Events were held including a Halloween costume competition which drew many tourists and partygoers to the road

Redigeret af thai d. 02-11-2022 11:11

Oprettet af IT d. 05-11-2022 10:55


Sex tourism is something that happens around the world. A potentially unfortunate byproduct of the tourism industry, it’s particularly prevalent in tourism in Thailand.

Sex tourism is something that happens around the world. A potentially unfortunate byproduct of the tourism industry, it’s particularly prevalent in tourism in Thailand. Statistics for sex tourism in Thailand are hard to come by. Estimates suggest there are anywhere between 250,000 and 2 million sex workers in the country.

Many still like to paint sex workers as a different class of people, or tend to look down upon them, in this video, we had the opportunity to sit down with a sex worker who works in Patpong who shared her personal story with us.

Oprettet af Thaihans d. 08-11-2022 15:34

BANGKOK Thailand - In this video, we take a look at the 2022 Loy Krathong Festival at Rama 8 Bridge.

This annual street food festival features a delicious variety of food from all over Thailand!

This festival is one of the most important celebrations in the Thai calendar and is celebrated throughout the country.

This event is sure to include delicious Thai food, as well as some fun activities and attractions!

Don't miss out on this amazing food festival in Bangkok, Thailand in 2022!

Redigeret af Thaihans d. 08-11-2022 15:34

Oprettet af farang d. 09-11-2022 14:33

Khaosan Roads hjemløseproblem

Denne video viser hundredvis af hjemløse lokale, der sover dårligt nær Thailands engang så travle backpacker-distrikt. Videoen blev optaget ved Khao San Road, som har været usædvanlig stille siden rejseforbuddet. Byens hjemløseproblem er næsten ikke blevet bedre, selv siden turisterne begyndte at vende tilbage.

Redigeret af farang d. 09-11-2022 14:35

Oprettet af IT d. 13-11-2022 14:30

Coffee lovers gathered to enjoy cups of fresh coffee at this trade festival in Thailand. The video shows visitors sampling different types of coffee blends at Impact Arena on the outskirts of Bangkok. More than 200 booths were opened in three exhibition halls totalling 15,000 square metres.

Oprettet af IT d. 14-11-2022 16:03

Dog park in Bangkok

Dogs and their owners now have another Bangkok park to exercise in Benjakitti Park in Klong Toey district.

Oprettet af Thaihans d. 15-11-2022 09:39

Oprettet af farang d. 01-12-2022 16:49

This is the spectacular 3D billboard that has been launched in Bangkok. The 52ft widescreen display can support resolutions of up to 2520 x 1560 pixels. Telecoms firm 'True' said they installed the colourful board to promote their latest 5G technology.

Oprettet af yindee d. 03-12-2022 11:54

Oprettet af eneber d. 05-12-2022 08:47

This new public park opened in the centre of Bangkok on site of a former tobacco plant. The Benjakitti Forest Park now one of the biggest green parks in the capital.

Oprettet af eneber d. 06-12-2022 13:38

BANGKOK Lightshow at ICONSIAM Bangkok Instagram Spots Christmas 2022 Illumination & Luminaire 2022

Redigeret af eneber d. 06-12-2022 13:39

Oprettet af jens peter d. 07-12-2022 13:08

This former U.S. Air Force plane has been converted into a cafe in Thailand. The Fairchild C-123 was salvaged from a scrapyard before being given the name 'Coffee 123'.

It was made into a drinks stop at a motorway service station in Chachoengsao province.

The plane was used during the Vietnam War and had been stationed with the Royal Thai Army before being retired and sold off for scrap.

The plane is divided into two zones - the seating area on the plane that is air-conditioned for sitting with drinks and the cockpit area where customers can take pictures.

Redigeret af jens peter d. 07-12-2022 13:13

Oprettet af hassel d. 11-12-2022 17:37

A sustainable Christmas tree made from used plastic bottles has been put up in Thailand.

The 29ft eco-friendly Christmas tree stands tall outside the Siam Discovery mall in Bangkok as mallgoers begin their holiday shopping.

It is decorated using opaque plastic bottles such as milk and shampoo containers, which have been fitted with adorable animal ears, antennae, and antlers to look like cute little aliens.

Oprettet af Thaihans d. 20-12-2022 12:13

Try These Coca-Cola Slushies To Cool Off In Bangkok

This market stall makes Coca Cola slushies to cool off and beat the heat in Bangkok. The soda glass is bottled and placed in a slush-making machine before being poured over with ice.

The finished slushies are then poured into a plastic glass, ready to drink anywhere. The cold drinks are sold for around 30 Baht.

Customers have been buying them to keep cool with temperatures higher than 30C.


Oprettet af IT d. 27-12-2022 14:34

Topless male waiters in revealing costumers is not everyone's idea of fun night out. But this seafood restaurant in the Lat Phrao area of Bangkok has become popular with locals. It's all tongue-in-cheek and a good laugh.

The lads do provocative dances while the food is served. Everything is above board. The staff also wear themed cosplay outfits such as Pikachu costumes and colourful makeup to attract customers to the restaurant

Bosses at the Staneemeehoi restaurant said the male performances mimick the way that attractive young Thai females are used in bars and restaurants to pull in customers.

Oprettet af Thaihans d. 28-12-2022 09:51

Thai Vendor Twirls His Ice Tea Like Waterfall

This chef developed his unique method of preparing the cool drink at his stall in Bangkok. He spends a minute twirling around while letting the tea drop in a long streak from one metal cup to another. The drink is then served with ice.

Oprettet af thai d. 29-12-2022 13:06

This Thai village next to a canal is filled with dozens of crocodile murals. The Hua Ta Khe community is surrounded by water in the Lat Krabang district of Bangkok.

Unique spray-painted murals could be seen on the walls of shops, houses bridges and concrete fences. The street art adds to the community's charm as it is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the Thai capital, founded during the period of King Rama V.

Oprettet af Casper d. 01-01-2023 13:39

Racisme nej da bare thainess((6))

Thaniya Road is a street in Silom catering almost exclusively to Japanese tourists and ex-pats. The restaurants, bars and massage places are all for those from the Far East. In fact, massage places here where the girls sit outside don't even allow non-Japanese people to partake in their services.

Thanon Road, also known as Thanon Thaniya, is definitely a strange one! Anybody can walk through the street but it's damn hard trying to get served by any of the girls unless you're from Japan! There's also a shopping mall plaza, which is open to everyone, but Thanon Thaniya massage is just for the Japanese clientele.

Redigeret af Casper d. 01-01-2023 13:39

Oprettet af IT d. 02-01-2023 15:59

Spectacular fireworks light up the sky along the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok to bid farewell to 2022 and welcome 2023, as people gather in many places to join in the New Year countdown on Saturday

Oprettet af egon d. 21-01-2023 16:16

Thailand hopes to attract 25 million tourists in 2023

As spectator fireworks light up the sky over Wat Arun or Temple of Dawn in Bangkok to ring in the new year, Thailand hopes for a recovery of its tourism sector in 2023.
Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Yuthasak Supasorn said Thailand is projecting at least 20 million tourists generating tourism receipts of 2.38 trillion baht (US$64.5 billion) this year – excluding Chinese tourists.

read more att:https://bangkokja...ists-2023/

Oprettet af thai d. 25-01-2023 17:41

Na Phra Lan Tunnel is ready to link you up with historical sites in Bangkok's old town. Tucked away under the areas around Sanam Luang and the Grand Palace, the 90-metre-long pedestrian tunnel is where you can cool off from the heat in waiting areas while absorbing history lessons from exhibitions.

Four exits take you to different historical landmarks, including Sanam Luang and Wang Lang Pier (Tha Prachan) on exit 1; the Fine Arts Department on exit 2; Bangkok City Pillar Shrine on exit 3; and the Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Si Rattana Satsadaram) on exit 4. (Video by Jetjaras Na Ranong)

Please credit and share this article with others using this link:https://www.bangk...-old-town.

Redigeret af thai d. 25-01-2023 17:46

Oprettet af farang d. 29-01-2023 12:07

Yaowarat Road, home to Bangkok's Chinatown, is lit up in red and is bustling with activity, as people look forward to celebrate the annual Lunar New Year, which falls on Sunday.

Redigeret af farang d. 29-01-2023 12:08

Oprettet af thai d. 05-02-2023 13:15

Flashback to when police chiefs were tipped off by child protection NGOs and they raided the Soi 7 beer bar complex in the Nana are of Bangkok. The little cluster of bars has since re-opened but there are not as many and it isn't as busy as it was before.

Oprettet af thai d. 13-02-2023 16:18

Traders are busy every February preparing for the annual Valentine's Day rush at this flower market in Bangkok.

Wholesale dealers at the Pak Khlong Talat market expect to be working through the night over the weekend as they cater to the demand to supply shops and stallholders.

Redigeret af thai d. 13-02-2023 16:18

Oprettet af harry eker d. 14-02-2023 13:59

MD-82 Cafe Made From Converted Plane In Bangkok

A scrapped plane was turned into a cafe near the Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok.

The McDonnell Douglas MD-80 was once used by China Northern Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Orient Thai Airlines before being stored in 2014 and scrapped in 2019.

It was put back into service as a cafe serving drinks and snacks a short drive from the main airport in Thailand.

Watch the video to see exactly what it's like inside and outside the MD-82 Cafe and restaurant.

Oprettet af thai d. 18-02-2023 16:00

Originated in Chon Buri almost 50 years ago, the Bang Sare dance troupe is comprised of backup dancers and is known for its elegant dance styles. As the styles change over time in response to changing society, young members of the group continue to follow their traditional ways while maintaining their dignity. (Video: Jetjaras Na Ranong)

Special thanks to Thongpoon Salawun for allowing us to use his song "Sao Bang Sare (Bang Sare Ladies)" in our video.

Oprettet af nej d. 19-02-2023 11:06

Join us at Siam Paragon Mall for an unforgettable Chinese New Year Celebration in 2023! Experience the thrill of the traditional tiger and lion dances. The spectacular Indigo green mountain dance show all the way from china and marvel at the decorations set up all around the Siam Paragon mall.

There are a wide variety of fun activities that you can participate in such as paying respects to an original Ngong Ping buddha statue, getting your fortune read by famous fortune tellers and even playing the wheel of fortune!

There is something for everyone to enjoy and plenty of picture taking opportunities. There is even a main show set-up in front of the mall for everyone to enjoy visited by some of the most famous celebrities in Thailand. Don't miss out on the festivities and start the year off on a high note!

Oprettet af nej d. 21-02-2023 14:24

A once-busy shopping mall is now deserted and falling into disrepair following the economic hardship caused by the pandemic in Thailand.

The Avenue Chaengwattana in the north of the capital Bangkok had dozens of shops and restaurants as well as an English tutoring centre and a movie theatre.

However, visitor numbers plunged following the outbreak of the coronavirus in early 2020 and subsequent lockdowns and travel restrictions.

Oprettet af Hans d. 05-03-2023 09:59

The Thaiger was invited to the grand opening of Cloud Nine with 3 exclusive winners from GMT Live joining us on the evening to check out their latest and newest store located right next to Terminal 21 at the Asoke BTS station. Check out this video to find out what we got up to!

Oprettet af thai d. 12-03-2023 11:41

Korea Town is in the heart of Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok. The shopping-mall style plaza is full of Korean restaurants. There are even KTV bars on the top floors. It's popular with visiting Koreans. Thais that like BBQ and hotpot meals also visit. Some of the restaurants are open until 4am.

Oprettet af thai d. 14-03-2023 15:57

Pata Zoo back in action

The only in-city zoo is now open again after a year of renovation. Visitors can relax and visit animals without going out of Bangkok city.

Oprettet af IT d. 23-03-2023 12:00

Pollution is choking Bangkok! Toxic fumes come from agricultural burning and chronic traffic. Visit some of the city's green parks to escape the smog!

🌳 Bang Krachao 00:40
🌳 Benchasiri Park 01:17
🌳 Benchakitti Park 01:53
🌳 Benchakitti Forest Park 02:29
🌳 Lumphini Park 03:00
🌲 Chatuchak Park 03:38
🌲 Wachirabenjathat Park 04:13
🌲 Queen Sirikit Park 04:38
🌲 Suan Luang Rama IX Park 05:03
🌲 Rommaninat Park 05:40

Oprettet af IT d. 26-03-2023 09:46

Try this scary motorcycle ride along a canal in On Nut! The winding walkway is crumbling from years of erosion. It’s just a few feet above the dirty water. Hazards include holes in the concrete and random objects blocking the way. But it’s still a popular shortcut for locals.

Oprettet af thai d. 02-04-2023 09:15

Cabbages and Condoms is a beautiful restaurant cafe in Bangkok, Thailand. The cafe is literally engulfed in condoms. Its decor is made up of condoms and only condoms. The concept is simple, to break the taboo associated with condoms. Buying a condom should be as easy as buying a vegetable from the market and hence the name, Cabbages and Condoms.


Oprettet af Thaihans d. 08-04-2023 09:20

Top destinations in Bangkok, such as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, the Erawan Shrine and piers along the Chao Phraya River, are welcoming more international visitors.

With the Songkran holiday approaching, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) expects the Thai New Year period will generate 18.5 billion baht in revenue. Foreign tourism is estimated to generate 5.03 billion baht, with 305,000 tourists arriving during the holiday week.

Redigeret af Thaihans d. 08-04-2023 09:20

Oprettet af thai d. 09-04-2023 11:36

Pollution is choking Bangkok! Toxic fumes come from agricultural burning and chronic traffic. Visit some of the city's green parks to escape the smog!

Oprettet af Tulle d. 10-04-2023 17:07

Oprettet af Kent d. 13-04-2023 12:52

Oprettet af Kent d. 13-04-2023 14:37

Oprettet af thai d. 14-04-2023 09:56

Khun Puy Beautiful Roti Seller In Songkran Clothes

Khun Puy the beautiful roti seller wore traditional Thai silk clothes to mark the country's annual Songkran water festival this week.

What a star Puy is!

Visit her street food stand in the Silom area of Bangkok, Thailand

Redigeret af thai d. 14-04-2023 10:01

Oprettet af elmet d. 16-04-2023 13:13

Det ser godt ud((11((

Redigeret af elmet d. 16-04-2023 13:15

Oprettet af Tulle d. 17-04-2023 18:33

Here’s another nerve-wracking ride along a canal in Bangkok. The popular route is used as a shortcut by dozens of scooter riders every day.

But you’ll need nerves of steel to stay calm on the 80cm wide concrete path. There are protruding pieces of metal, low-hanging tress, bridges, winding turns and piles of litter.Enjoy!

Oprettet af pirat d. 20-04-2023 12:22

Taxachauffør i Bangkok dømt for at have snydt udenlandske turister

Thai netbrugere fordømte en Bangkok-taxachauffør for at have snydt to udenlandske turister. Chaufføren blev fanget på en viral video, hvor han opkrævede turisterne 700 baht for en tur på cirka 7 kilometer, hvilket blev anset for næsten syv gange dyrere end standardprisen.

en fanget 1000 mere på gaden så kom igang ((7))

Oprettet af bebe d. 25-04-2023 08:20

Bangkok trips: Skybars -Tempels - Khaosan road - Chao Phraya Cruise & Excursions to Floating Market - Kanchanaburi - Erawan Falls & Ayutthaya

Oprettet af jens peter d. 29-04-2023 17:53

Sukhumvit Soi 26 is an often overlooked area. It's a quiet street a short walk from the more popular Soi 22. There are handful of small bars and massage shops. Further down there are condos and some seriously impressive houses. Soi 26 is also known as Soi Aree. It’s well worth having a wander down there!

Oprettet af thai d. 09-05-2023 17:17

A beautiful antique wooden house in a back alley in the Huai Khwang area of Bangkok. These kind of traditional Thai houses made from teak wood are antique - usually more than 100 years old - but they're becoming increasingly rare.

While older residents slowly fade away, their descendants often sell the land to developers or build a new, modern property. After all, in the 21st century it's pretty inconvenient to live in one of the old style Thai wooden houses.

There are quite a lot of these kind of traditional homes still scattered around Bangkok - some of them more grand than others - but it's always a pleasure to see them.

Often they're surrounded by trees as the green foliage provides shade and keeps the property cools while temperatures outside reach more than 36C.

That does mean that the wooden homes are full of insects and small creatures, so the residents often have to sleep under a net to keep out the bugs.

Oprettet af farang d. 14-05-2023 11:41

Velkommen til pigernes drømmeland((11((

Oprettet af Smukke Erik d. 17-05-2023 08:15

Meet Bangkok Sketchers, a group that has been around for a decade, dedicated to the simple joy of sketching.

Oprettet af Smukke Erik d. 26-05-2023 10:45

A Japanese toy shop selling Gundam figures opened in Bangkok. THE GUNDAM BASE THAILAND is the first in Southeast Asia.

Oprettet af Smukke Erik d. 02-06-2023 13:25

Time to explore the Khlong Toei slums properly, all the hidden bits, visiting 4 communities in Khlong Toei, where fortunes are mixed and conditions are not great.

The worst slums in Bangkok are found in the Khlong Toei area and many videos have been made without much thought into research or actual geography of Khlong Toei itself, so I wanted to go deeper so I contacted the Bangkok Community Help Foundation and they showed me some of the finer details of what goes on in the slums.

00:00 Start / Important warning
01:32 Lock 4,5,6 Community
05:16 Khlong Toey slum history part one
06:25 Bangkok Community Help Projects part one
09:25 Railway community & Khlong Toey history part two
12:11 Bangkok Community Help Projects part two
14:42 Baan Khong Kloey canal community
17:29 Why Thailand can't move on from 3rd world / Eleven Finger interview
20:30 Housing Project Flats 1-10
23:42 Rim Khlong Samakki canal community
26:38 Monitor Lizards infestation in the canals
28:28 Bangkok Community Help projects part three

Oprettet af alan d. 04-06-2023 08:51

Chatuchak Park is located in the heart of the city. Chatuchak Park offers a peaceful oasis for both locals and visitors to enjoy. The park covers an area of over 300,000 square meters and features a beautiful lake, jogging paths, and plenty of green space for picnics or relaxing.

Redigeret af alan d. 04-06-2023 08:53

Oprettet af Smukke Erik d. 09-06-2023 14:34

This is the Luckin Coffee shop in Ratchada. The company has opened more than 9,500 stores in China. Their next target is Thailand

But will their plan to overtake Starbucks succeed? Luckin Coffee outgrew Starbucks in China, building 13 shops a day. They have their work cut out in Thailand!

Oprettet af Thaihans d. 12-06-2023 12:51

Robot baristas are preparing coffee for customers - removing all human staff from this shop in Bangkok. The mechanical arms slowly but precisely making hot lattes and cappuccinos at the futuristic-looking Cafe Amazon.

Spillage is reduced but the robot is still significantly slower than a human worker. Bosses are keen to use robots to reduce wage costs! Watch how they work!


Here are seven cool places where robots serve customers in Bangkok

Oprettet af sky d. 20-06-2023 17:43

Denne cafe med kryptovaluta-tema er blevet uhyggeligt stille. Moon Crypto & NFT Cafe åbnede i Bangkok på toppen af r03;r03;den digitale valutas popularitet. Men den futuristiske thai-café - som omfatter et NFT-galleri og en klinik for investeringsrådgivning - har mistet glansen. Med Bitcoin-trenden falmet, er kunderne nu få og langt imellem.

Redigeret af sky d. 20-06-2023 17:43

Oprettet af bille d. 22-06-2023 12:50

Så er der fest i gaden vel))W=) til

Welcome to Lesbie Night, the ultimate gathering for lesbians and women who are attracted to other women. Held in Bangkok, this event aims to create a space where individuals can confidently express their identities and embrace their attraction to women without being confined to traditional labels.

Oprettet af nej d. 28-06-2023 17:44

The video speaks for itself. The hanging black cables look awful. They are used for communications and electricity.

Oprettet af bebe d. 13-07-2023 16:51

Bangkok Downtown Night Walk - Thailand 2023 - Siam Square area

Oprettet af skipper d. 13-07-2023 18:41

nej skrev:
The video speaks for itself. The hanging black cables look awful. They are used for communications and electricity.

Sådan har det set ud i siden jeg begyndte at hærge herude i 1976, de kommer aldrig videre:VI

Oprettet af FCK d. 16-07-2023 14:45

If you enjoy stand-up comedy, then you’re in luck! Izumo Green presented one of the first comedy night shows in Asok, Bangkok, in collaboration with ourselves, the Thaiger, and Comedy Club Bangkok.

Come see some of the city’s best upcoming talents alongside some world-famous comedians, for a night full of laughs and luxury. With a multitude of reasons to join, and many elements to keep you laughing, Izumo Green provides a high-end experience, and this special event is no exception. Don’t worry if you missed the first one, this featured event will continue, and be held monthly! Look out for the next comedy night at Izumo Green on July 29! See you soon.




Redigeret af FCK d. 20-07-2023 06:40

Oprettet af IT d. 26-07-2023 11:18

Bosses urged commuters to avoid flicking it into other people's faces during rush hour.

They said: ‘Firmly hold the end of your long hair when you turn your face, walk past other passengers and enter or leave the train.’

Aren’t there other more important issues to worry about?

Redigeret af IT d. 26-07-2023 11:19

Oprettet af IT d. 29-07-2023 08:20

This awesome stall sells some really cool peronalised leather goods. The owner makes the items while customers wait!

They’re nice gifts for people back home. Find it at the Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok.

Redigeret af IT d. 29-07-2023 08:23

Oprettet af nej d. 02-08-2023 09:30

A breathtaking double rainbow formed after a rainstorm over Bangkok.

Redigeret af nej d. 02-08-2023 09:31

Oprettet af thai d. 03-08-2023 13:41

A real-life underground Fight Club can be found in Bangkok. The club is named after the hit film and open to anyone regardless of their fighting experience. It can be found in the city’s Khlong Toei district.

The fights are short, three-minute bouts based on the country's popular Muay Thai sport. There are no winners declared after the fights, and the only rule is that fighters cannot punch each other in the back of the head. The club has been growing in popularity since it was founded in 2016, and it now has 76,000 members.

However, the unsanctioned fights have also drawn the attention of the police, who say that they violate Thailand's Boxing Act. The club's founder, Chana Worasart, insists that the fights are legal and that they have been approved by officials. He says that he does not oppose the idea of turning the fights into legal, sanctioned events, but that he does not want to lose the underground identity of the club.

Oprettet af thai d. 08-08-2023 14:03

This townhouse in Bangkok is leaning over… causing concern among residents that it could collapse. The 50-year-old building is located on Sukhumvit Road, and only started to subside in 2021. Former civil engineer Patai Padungtin said that he is worried about the safety of the building.

Oprettet af thai d. 12-08-2023 13:11

This clothes swapping centre in Bangkok hopes to reduce waste produced by 'fast fashion'. The pop-up shop Swoop Buddy opens at different places across the city.

They allow customers to drop off their old clothes in exchange for store credits.

Customers can later use the credits to take away other second-hand garments.

Founder Kanin Songatigamas hopes the concept will reduce the impact of ‘fast fashion’ on the environment.

Oprettet af thai d. 13-08-2023 15:48

Right or wrong?

These two were seen selling items outside Soi Cowboy at the Sukhumvit MRT station exit.

Oprettet af nej d. 17-08-2023 12:59

This begpacker pitched up outside the Hyatt Regency hotel on Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok.

He laid out a selection of bracelets and necklaces on the ground along with a sign that read ''I travel the world by selling bracelets, would you like to support me''. He was partly targeting wealthy holidaymakers and tourists - Sukhumvit Road is super busy and he was outside a five star hotel.

However, he had a second sign also written in Thai, so he was hoping for donations from locals, too. When questioned about his begpacking he said he does it to raise money for ''hostels and food''.

He also knew what he was doing was wrong because he clearly says he is worried about immigration. He also said he had been begpacking in Vietnam and Malaysia before this but Bangkok was much stricter. His next stop is Manila, in the Philippines.

Oprettet af Smukke Erik d. 18-08-2023 13:44

Two begpackers claiming to be from China were taking it in turns to play a guitar and sing on Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok. They pitched up outside the Terminal 21 shopping mall. The chick was pretty cute. Though I don't know how the get away with working illegally (unless they're actually Thais pretending to be beg packers!?

Oprettet af Smukke Erik d. 02-09-2023 12:24

German backpacker Florentina Retka tells of her ordeal on the island of Koh Chang, in southern Thailand.

She wanted to thank the police for their efforts and caution other women who are traveling alone in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

Oprettet af Smukke Erik d. 03-09-2023 10:53

Two begpackers busking outside the Phra Ram 9 MRT station in Bangkok. They made about 200 baht in 30 minutes with a ukulele and a sign saying ‘help us travel the world’. The average wage in Thailand is 350 baht a day and many Thais have never been on an aeroplane or left their country.

Oprettet af thai d. 18-09-2023 09:24

Skateboarding legend Steve Caballero visited Bangkok to promote the 30th anniversary of his 'Half Cab' shoe model.

The event was held at the Baan Preduce skatepark in Phra Khanong with two live bands, seven DJs, and a skateboarding competition. Caballero is a five-time world champion and was named the Skater of the Century in 2002.

He is also featured on the iconic Playstation video game Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Caballero's advice to young skaters is to ‘just have fun’.He says that skateboarding is a great way to get exercise, meet new people, and express yourself creatively.

Caballero is an inspiration to skaters of all ages!

Redigeret af thai d. 18-09-2023 09:25

Oprettet af nej d. 29-09-2023 11:26

Street-side facial threading clinics are a popular option for beauty-conscious aunties in Bangkok. These shops offer a range of affordable treatments, including eyebrow threading, facial hair removal, and a relaxing face massage using jade stones. This type of treatment happens in Chinatown on pavements and in alleyways… so it’s extra cheap. If you’re into facial threading it’s worth a visit!

Oprettet af werner d. 03-10-2023 11:10

For many expats, living off the grid on a productive farm in northern Thailand is dream scenario. In this episode we meet Thomas Luescher and his close-knit Thai family who together are determined to make a success of their Vilamas Ranch and its offshoot business ventures.

Oprettet af Thaihans d. 07-10-2023 03:55

Iconsiam first opened in November 2018, the shopping mall costed a whopping US$1.5 billion to construct. It is the largest mall in Thailand spanning an incredible 5,650,000 sq ft of retail floors, one of its landmark is the worlds first and to this date the only indoor floating market - SookSiam.

The indoor floating market is a must visit in Iconsiam, but make sure to head upstairs and visit the biggest Starbucks in Thailand, Floor 6 is also an incredible place to visit, it has the amazing "The Veranda" indoor river park, surrounded by amazing restaurants and a cinema.

The floating market has restaurants, street food stalls and food vendors offering a authentic Thai food scene that is extremely affordable and delicious, Pad Thai, Boat noodles, Curries, Pork Trotter rice, manga sticky rice... any Thai dishes you can think of, it is offered here.

Aside from an excellent food scene, the floating market also offers a range of products for shoppers, clothing, handicrafts, antiques.

The floating market is the focal point for many travelers, but do not miss out on the rest of the Iconsiam shopping mall. Check out the Iconluxe area for designer brands, if designer brands is not your thing, head upwards and you will find multiple floors of shopping waiting for you.

If street foods can not satisfy your hunger, the shopping mall offers a wide range of famous restaurants, floor 6 is a very trendy dining area.

Oprettet af Smukke Erik d. 08-10-2023 06:11

We embark on a historical odyssey along the Chao Phraya River, unveiling the significance of the kingdom during the reign of His Majesty King Nangklao (Rama III).

Chao Phraya (Chao Phraya River)
Flod i Thailand

Chao Phraya er en flod i Thailand med udmunding ved Bangkok.

Adskillige færgeruter sejler på floden og udgør en væsentlig del af byens Bangkoks offentlige transport.

Der findes også guidede turistture på floden, der gør holdt ved flere af de berømte templer langs Chao Phraya. Wikipedia

Længde: 372 km

Vandføring: 718 m³/s

Udspring: Ping

Munding: Thailandbugten

Broer: Rama VIII Bridge, Memorial Bridge, Rama VII Bridge, MERE

Byer: Bangkok Øer: Ko Kret

Redigeret af Smukke Erik d. 08-10-2023 06:12

Oprettet af Thaihans d. 14-10-2023 08:12

Iconsiam first opened in November 2018, the shopping mall costed a whopping US$1.5 billion to construct. It is the largest mall in Thailand spanning an incredible 5,650,000 sq ft of retail floors, one of its landmark is the worlds first and to this date the only indoor floating market - SookSiam.

The indoor floating market is a must visit in Iconsiam, but make sure to head upstairs and visit the biggest Starbucks in Thailand, Floor 6 is also an incredible place to visit, it has the amazing "The Veranda" indoor river park, surrounded by amazing restaurants and a cinema.

The floating market has restaurants, street food stalls and food vendors offering a authentic Thai food scene that is extremely affordable and delicious, Pad Thai, Boat noodles, Curries, Pork Trotter rice, manga sticky rice... any Thai dishes you can think of, it is offered here.

Aside from an excellent food scene, the floating market also offers a range of products for shoppers, clothing, handicrafts, antiques.

The floating market is the focal point for many travelers, but do not miss out on the rest of the Iconsiam shopping mall. Check out the Iconluxe area for designer brands, if designer brands is not your thing, head upwards and you will find multiple floors of shopping waiting for you.

If street foods can not satisfy your hunger, the shopping mall offers a wide range of famous restaurants, floor 6 is a very trendy dining area.

Oprettet af thai d. 20-10-2023 13:58

Bangkok, alongside other provinces, is grappling with unsettling levels of ultra-fine dust, or PM2.5. The quality of air in several areas has been categorised as either moderate or in the unhealthy spectrum.

Oprettet af ove d. 21-10-2023 08:36

The Hope Fair is a charitable and sustainable pop-up market that features artisans, local entrepreneurs, charities, and food vendors.

The event stands out because a portion of the vendor fees goes to the HDF Charity Foundation, which supports the Kon community, particularly children and the disabled

. The fair showcases various sustainable and handmade products, including upcycled items, sourdough bread, allergen-friendly products, sustainable goods made by women in rural areas, and natural skincare products.

It's a gathering of vendors who contribute to a good cause while offering high-quality products in a vibrant and community-focused environment.

Oprettet af alenejensen d. 11-11-2023 16:34

A major sinkhole swallowed a ten-wheeler lorry almost whole, at the entrance of Sukhumvit Soi 64/1, injuring two people. The incident happened today at 11.35am on Sukhumvit Road, where the sinkhole had formed. The resulting damage caused significant traffic disruption over three lanes, with congestion stretching as far as Bang Na

Oprettet af nej d. 12-11-2023 12:37

Halloween will make a spooky comeback to Khao San Road, with a costume party scheduled on Oct 31

I walk on the street around Khaosan Road in Bangkok of Thailand in the night Halloween. Khaosan Road where is one of the famous travel destination for foreign tourists and Thai people. This is one of the famous destination for backpackers from around the world.

Oprettet af nej d. 24-11-2023 10:38

For nylig opdaterede jeg dig om, hvad der sker i Bangkok, højsæsonen er her, tingene ændrer sig, men mange seere bebrejdede mig, hvad med nattelivet, hvad der sker i Bangkok om natten, okay i aften er det aften, og sammen vi skal udforske nogle af de mest berømte nattelivssteder i Bangkok, tjekke maden, stemningen, drinksene, håbe på, at vi ikke bliver fulde, og selvfølgelig priserne

Oprettet af nej d. 26-11-2023 08:49

In this documentary, we travel to Bangkok, Thailand, the most visited city in the world. We check out the Yaowarat Road night market (Bangkok's Chinatown), Wat Pho Buddhist Temple, Bangkok's famous nightlife in Soi Cowboy and NaNa Plaza, and Khlong Lat Mayom floating market

Oprettet af thai d. 30-12-2023 18:22

This clip i will introduce place to Including coordinates of the Bangkok 2024 countdown to welcome the new year.

Oprettet af thai d. 02-01-2024 10:07

People return to Bangkok from New Year holidays on Monday, many arriving at Bangkok's Mo Chit bus terminal in Chatuchak district.

Redigeret af thai d. 02-01-2024 10:07

Oprettet af thai d. 04-01-2024 13:27

High-tech send-off

People celebrated the New Year transition at CentralWorld. They experienced a
180-degree Futuristic Fireworks show that blended real fireworks with artistic
displays on the Panoramix screen. There were also concerts featuring famous local
and international artists. (Video by Jetjaras Na Ranong)

Oprettet af farang d. 11-01-2024 08:54

Tourist influx

Tourists yesterday queue to walk into Wat Phra Kaeo inside the Grand Palace, which remains one of Thailand's top tourist attractions. A
total of 605,537 foreign tourists entered the country from Jan 1-7, the government says. Of them, Chinese tourists ranked No 1. (Photo) Somchai Poomlard)

Oprettet af IT d. 16-01-2024 16:04

One Bangkok the Biggest MEGA construction Project in Bangkok. The Signature Tower will be the tallest skyscraper in Bangkok and when finished the One Bangkok project will be the working space and home for 60,000 people.

The project will have 11 structures including 9 Towers. There will be offices, Hotels and Residences. Some of the Towers are projected to finish in 2024.

Oprettet af reve d. 18-01-2024 12:35

For the best of luck

Many people gather at the City Pillar in Bangkok to pray for blessings on
Saturday. Believers expect good luck if they pray there on the first Saturday of the
year. (Photos: Apichart Jinakul)

Redigeret af reve d. 18-01-2024 12:36

Oprettet af thai d. 22-01-2024 16:09

Mind the pedestrians
With hundreds of street food shop selections to choose from, the Banthat Thong Road has become a hit for passersby. This has caused bad traffic and pollution problems for the locals. (Photos: Nutthawat Wichieanbut)


Banthat Thong Road is the place that you’ll uncover numerous shophouse restaurants and street food stalls that especially make their appearance at night.
This is where locals come to buy Thai street food around Banthat Thong Rd., Bangkok, Thailand. This place was packed with people all coming to get local Thai food to take home for the evening. It was a small section, but it had lots of varieties of food. You can eat any type of stir fried dishes, Isan food, plus sweets and desserts.


Redigeret af thai d. 22-01-2024 16:12

Oprettet af IT d. 25-01-2024 18:23


A stroll in Song Wat

Last year, Song Wat was selected as one of the "World's 40 Coolest Neighbourhoods" by Time Out due to its excellent balance in preserving
old traditional shops and incorporating new activities and trendy vibes from emerging entrepreneurs. (Photos: Wichan Charoenkiatpakul)

Redigeret af IT d. 25-01-2024 18:23

Oprettet af thai d. 28-01-2024 12:25

Tourists warned

Police are advising tourists near the Grand Palace to beware of pickpockets, after
the arrest of a gang of foreign thieves working the area. (Photo: Apichart Jinakul)

Redigeret af thai d. 28-01-2024 12:25

Oprettet af Thaihans d. 29-01-2024 09:44

Thai PM meets with Yaowarat Chinese NewYear organizers

TAT Governor together with Yaowarat Chinese New Year organizers met with Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin at the Thai Government House. The group were also entertained by lion & dragon dances organized by the Yaowarat organizers.

(Photos: Chanat Katanyu)

Redigeret af Thaihans d. 29-01-2024 09:44

Oprettet af IT d. 30-01-2024 10:49

Song Wat Road
Vej i Bangkok, Thailand
Oversat fra engelsk-Song Wat Road er en historisk vej i området i Bangkoks Samphanthawong-distrikt. Det har sin oprindelse ved at adskille sig fra Chak Phet-vejen nær Chakkrawat politistation og foden af r03;r03;Phra ...

The enterprising Song Wat community in Yaowarat is holding a “Song Wat Week” event to display its arts and open stores in the district where Thai-Chinese people have lived for more than a hundred years.

Accompany The Nation as it takes a brief trip to experience an “ancient atmosphere” from the Rama V era.

This so-called secret tourism spot behind Yaowarat Road is an interesting, age-old area in several aspects, including its history and architecture.


Song Wat Road, a historic road in the capital’s old town, is also a lesser-known hidden gem great for foodies and arts and culture fiends. The road’s name, which literally means “drawn by the king,” was built during the reign of King Rama V, who assigned the road’s construction (it’s said that the king himself wrote the line with a pencil on the map).

The century-old road runs along the Chao Phraya River for one kilometer and contains a mix of the old and new — from colonial-style shophouses, street food stalls and long-standing restaurants to modern hostels, minimalist cafes and laid-back bars.

The area also recently became more accessible than ever — Song Wat Road can be reached from either MRT Sam Yot or MRT Wat Mangkon, which were opened a few months ago as part of the MRT Blue Line extension.


Redigeret af IT d. 30-01-2024 10:53

Oprettet af IT d. 31-01-2024 18:31

Palm reading

Volunteers for the manuscript conservation project meticulously clean century-old
palm-leaf Buddhism manuscripts kept at Wat Ratchapradit Sathitmahasimaram in
Phra Nakhon district, Bangkok, on Tuesday. Only 20% of the manuscripts can still
be processed. (Photo: Fine Arts Department)

Redigeret af IT d. 31-01-2024 18:31

Oprettet af IT d. 03-02-2024 14:36


Yaowarat lit up for Lunar New Year 2024

Yaowarat Road in Bangkok's Chinatown is lit up with decorative lights in celebration of Lunar New Year, which falls on Feb 10 this year. The
light-up ceremony is held to mark the 49th anniversary of cultural cooperation between the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and China.

By: Jetjaras Na Ranong 3 Feb 2024

Oprettet af IT d. 04-02-2024 14:26

Police guard rivalry-plagued campus to
prevent attacks

Two companies of police, including crowd control units, were deployed to prevent
student clashes at Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-ok (RMUTTO),
Uthenthawai Campus, during activities marking its 90th anniversary on Thursday.

(Photos: Somchai Poomlard)

Published: 1 Feb 2024

Redigeret af IT d. 04-02-2024 14:26

Oprettet af ana d. 05-02-2024 12:16

Pucker up, my friend!

A boy kisses his goat, crowned the winner of a goat beauty pageant, yesterday at the Kaset Fair 2024. The nine-day farmer's market festival
is held from Feb 2 to 10 at Kasetsart University, Bang Khen Campus. (Photos: Varuth Hirunyatheb)


This is the walking atmosphere of Kaset Fair 2024 in Bangkok of Thailand in an evening. Kaset Fair is one of the most popular Bangkok’s university market is held annually. This year, Kaset Fair 2024 is held on 2nd February – 10th February 2024 at Kasetsart University’s Bang Khen Campus. There are many zones and booths such as game booths, various shops, food stalls. Many street foods are sell in this fair. This Kaset Fairs is alway crowded with visitors. There are many peoples are enjoy shopping and buying street foods in this fair. The street foods look delicious and inexpensive. This fair is very popular amongst young people.

Redigeret af ana d. 05-02-2024 12:18

Oprettet af farang d. 07-02-2024 12:58

From durians to floral haven, and soon a road

A vibrant flower garden in Bang Phlat will soon have to make way for a new road
leading to parliament, most likely marking the end of its existence.

By: Jetjaras Na Ranong | Published: 7 Feb 2024

Oprettet af farang d. 11-02-2024 11:14

Diving with dragons

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World at Siam Paragon will celebrate Chinese New Year
by putting on special shows featuring a swimming dragon in its shark tank from
this Friday to Sunday at 11.30am and 2.30pm. (Video: Jetjaras Na Ranong)

Published: 7 Feb 2024

Oprettet af farang d. 12-02-2024 15:54

Dragon age

A long procession featuring a dragon dance parades along Yaowarat Road to
usher in Chinese New Year Saturday. Revellers packed the area where celebrations
were held to welcome the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese zodiac. (Photos:
Nutthawat Wichieanbut)

Published: 11 Feb 2024

Oprettet af farang d. 13-02-2024 11:44

Hearts and roses

People are out shopping for Valentine's Day gifts at Talat Sampheng which is also one of the major markets for making Chinese New Year
purchases. (Photos: Varuth Hirunyatheb)

Oprettet af farang d. 16-02-2024 11:12

Pray for love at Bangkok shrine
Owners of lonely hearts attend a ceremony at a Hindu shrine in Bangkok's shopping district, praying to find that special someone in the
month of love. At the beginning of the video, a couple from the Netherlands took part in the ceremony on Valentine's Day. The man invited
his girlfriend to seek love from Trimurti, also known as the Hindu Trinity. Following the worship, the man proposed and presented a ring to
the woman.

By: Jetjaras Na Ranong

Oprettet af Tulle d. 22-02-2024 19:22

A night at Phya Thai Palace

Standing in the middle of a lush lawn, a monument of King Vajiravudh greets visitors to"101 Years Of Phya Thai Palace: The Glory Of Siam",
which runs until March 16. It is a collaboration by Ama Studio, DecideKit, Na Satta, Fos Lighting Design and LightSource to bring the palace
back to life as a night museum, creating immersive visual experiences through cutting-edge multimedia presentations.

Redigeret af Tulle d. 22-02-2024 19:22

Oprettet af XP d. 23-02-2024 09:17

Dress for Lunar New Year at Dragon Town

People wear traditional Chinese costumes and take pictures at Dragon Town, a popular destination known for its Sino-Portuguese
architecture in Soi Chulalongkorn 5 in Bangkok's Pathum Wan district, during the Lunar New Year period in February 2024.

By: Jetjaras Na Ranong