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Falang BAR

BANGKOK:-- Eight backpackers were arrested for smoking ganja in Bangkok yesterday - they were all rounded up at a guest house named "Overstay".

A joint operation was mounted between soldiers and Bowonmonkhol station police after complaints of noise and smoke wafting from the Charoen Sanitwong premises.

The task force found 20 foreigners in the 15 room facility - they were both men and women from the UK, Germany, Hungary, Russia, Spain, Israel and China.

All were given a urine test for drugs and eight of these - seven men and one woman - registered a purple result indicating marijuana use.

The Israeli - Ewal Chawot, 32 - was found in possession of 22.64 grams of the drug.

The seven caught with the drug in their system were charged at the local police station while the Israeli faces possession with intent to distribute as well.

Police are now looking for the owner of "Overstay" to determine if they knew what was going on at the premises.