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Tricks of the trade: Why tourists might pay 2,540 baht for a taxi ride in Bangkok!

BANGKOK: -- Four Chinese tourists were charged 2,540 baht for a ride from the airport to their downtown Bangkok hotel yesterday.

But the seemingly random and exorbitant figure - perhaps five times what it should be - is a ruse used by rogue taxi drivers to con unsuspecting tourists.

A taxi driver who heard about the case told that 2540 is a code used by the Land Transport department when checking the proper function of the meter in taxis.

Taxi drivers just have to press a button and the code comes up on the screen as if it was the actual fare. The driver said this was used to con people.

It appears to be common knowledge among taxi drivers.

But the staff at the Tara Place Hotel in Sam Sen Road near the river smelt an obvious rogue taxi rat. They contacted the Land Transport Department with the number and registration detains of the cab in question.

He will have some explaining to do.

No mention was made in the report if the tourists forked out the 2,540 baht demanded. The fare from Suvarnabhumi to that area of town would likely be around 500 - 600 baht.

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